Laurens Bosscher

Software Engineer



Software/DevOps Engineer

SIX Swiss Exchange Z├╝rich, Switzerland
  • Part of the core team (4 engineers) responsible for running the 2000+ SIX indices including the SMI
  • Initiated and led the initiative to move to Ansible and GitOps to ensure that test and production environments are aligned so that release risk was greatly reduced
  • Responsible for development of the SIX Crypto indices calculator engine (Scala using Akka) including introducing new calculation methods and a major rewrite of the calculation and reporting engine. 100% uptime during market hours
  • Prevented several serious incidents by debugging and fixing (legacy) business critical applications under pressure
  • Improved documentation, developed several smaller Python/Scala monitoring and automation applications to further reduce risks

Software Engineer

Simplicate Software Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Most senior engineer in the team (5 developers) responsible for all Typescript and Javascript projects
  • Increased release cadence archived by the team to 1 release a week (down from once every 6 months)
  • Increased developer productivity utilizing modern continuous delivery practices such as a loosly coupled architecture, continuous integrations and automated testing
  • Decreased time spent on bugs by the team from ~20% to ~10% by increasing test quantity and quality
  • Optimized and scaled a (near) realtime GraphQL Django application, to meet the demands of our biggest customers
  • Fast paced, high pressure environment with a large amount of technical debt
  • Simplicate was part of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands for the past three years (2019 - 2021), having a growth of 3018% in 2019

Software Engineer

Slimmere AI (formerly Target Holding) Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Developed and scaled the second largest student performance tracking system in the Netherlands (used by 1.1 million students)
  • Started as junior/medior developer, grew to team lead (team size of 3 developers)

Software Engineer

Getlogic Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Developed an extensive testing framework for Django to rapidly increase test coverage for common scenarios
  • Increased webshop performance by 200% by implementing Spdy/Http 2.0 and optimizing caching strategy
  • Created an new Linux hosting environment utilizing RabbitMQ/Salt/PostgreSQL/Solr for a large webshop

Junior Software Engineer

DiagnOptics Groningen, The Netherlands
  • Developed a companion application for their main product so that research results can easily be shared, logged and archived.

Selected Projects


Front-end codebase

  • Utilized React and Typescript to build a modern codebase where we could share business logic between the browser, two mobile apps (iOS and Android), NodeJS (for PDF rendering) and a browser extension
  • Worked with Typescript, React, Redux, Mobx StateTree, Python, NodeJS, Docker, Django, GraphQL as well as with legacy technology such as Yii and PHP


Slimmere AI (formerly Target Holding)
  • Utilized a combination of Galera (triple master MariaDB setup) and Cassandra to guarantee high performance and scalability for peak workloads
  • Worked with Python, Typescript, MySQL, Cassandra, Elastic Search, Redis and Salt



Business Innovation, Usability & Interaction (Human Technology)

Hanzehogeschool Groningen, The Netherlands
Completed an Honours minor and an Honours project.